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Get to know us and the face behind the company. 

Who are we??

Lunar Spirit Wellbeing Limited is a holistic and spiritually focused company that provides online services globally, transformational retreats, spiritual coaching programmes and workshops. 

We provide a safe haven for you heal MIND-BODY-SOUL, empower yourself, explore self awareness, release anxiety,  past traumas and follow your joy. 

We welcome you to come and join our community of like minded souls in ceremony or on retreats.  

Our mission is to help 1 million+  people ignite the confidence within so they can life life on their own terms, awaken their spirituality and gain emotion freedom. 

We believe in the power of the collective- we heal and empower each other through community. 

Owner and founder Jennifer Mckenzie is a busy mum of 4 whose passion for helping people transform their lives just like she did is the driving force behind her businesses. When Jen isn’t working with clients you will find her walking barefoot exploring nature, horse riding, meditating, doing yoga or planning another crazy adventure to a part of this wonderful Earth.

Jen has over 20yrs experience as a practitioner in the wellbeing/spiritual space.  During the years Jen has gained many qualifications,  extensive knowledge, hands on experience working with 1000’s of people and has become well respected and sort after professional in her field.

Jennifer is a qualified Spiritual Coach- Anxiety Specialist- Reiki Master Teacher- Published Author- That Inner Voice Podcast Host- Radio Presenter for In2beats and all round Spiritual Rebel..!! Encouraging you break free from societal conditioning, and be free from past traumas. Jen encourages you to be brave enough to freely live your life without limitations. 


Jen and her team believe in having a holistic approach,  focusing on the whole person to help them flourish inside and out. Getting to the deeper root of the issue rather than skimming over the surface and providing a ‘sticky plater’ solution. We are  passionate about holistic wellbeing, strongly believe in mind, body connection and encourage spiritual development.  (You can download the  free E-book from the coaching resources page) 

Providing a safe non- judgemental space for people to relax, heal, restore and come back into alignment. We pride ourselves on customer care, we value the individual, we know one size does not fit all so all treatments are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs.

We offer a wide variety of services to help you master your mind, heal your body and create peace in your soul. 

Jen has been featured in many wide known publications and is a sought after podcast guest and speaker. Please E-mail  for bookings and media coverage. 


Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

Meet the owner- Jen...the back story

Hello, I’m Jennifer, you can call me Jen if you like…nice to meet you…

I have always had a passion for all things alternative since my childhood years, I collected crystals and burned incense, I made potions out of flowers and herbs that I foraged from the garden. My mother used essential oils in and around the home for medicinal purposes instead of conventional medicine. I was fascinated by the human body and how it worked. I recall being very observant of others, their mannerisms, body language and intrigued by what makes them tick, it was like I could feel what they were thinking, I later found out this was called ‘being an intuitive empath’.  I remember looking up at the moon in awe of her beauty and believing there was something far greater than me out there a universe full of endless possibilities. My love for the moon played a part and influenced me choosing a name for my company.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” – Roald Dahl.

I started my educational holistic journey by learning anatomy and physiology in 2003, I went on to study reflexology that same year. That is where I met my first Reiki master and teacher, I was intrigued by Reiki and soon loved the feeling of connection and the spiritual insight learning Reiki gave me. I continued to add on different therapies to my skill set over the years including massage, Indian head massage, beauty therapy. In 2014 I completed my Reiki masters and teachers’ course; I felt the pull to teach and pass on the wonderful gift of Reiki. I work with the 4 pillars of healing, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. For me focusing on just one part of who we are makes no sense for a long-term recovery as it is a way of covering symptoms instead of searching for the underlying causes. That is why I work on a deeper level with my clients. If we learn to get in touch with all four of our facets, we begin to heal blocks we didn’t know we had, heal past wounds from this life or a past life and see our overall health improve. I also work intuitively using my spiritual gifts. In 2019 I studied some more and became a qualified  life coach,  mindfullness and mediation teacher, I also completed a course to become an Anxiety Release Practitioner, something I am passionate about supporting people with as I too have suffered with severe anxiety in the past. I have just completed my NLP practitioner and Addiction Counselling diploma. 

I have had various job roles within the health, wellbeing and beauty industry over the last 18yrs, where I built up my experience hands on and within business side of things. As well as experience in sales, I worked with Horses when I left school, ran pubs, I have modelled and posed naked for life drawing classes, had a club hostess / promo job in London….so as you can imagine I have led an interesting colourful life. But all my experiences have led me to this moment and shaped me into a strong resilient woman, a coach that gets lasting results with my no BS approach to therapy. I want to make an impact on the world by raising collective vibrations through spiritual practices. 

Back in 2016 I had just recovered from a mental breakdown where I was hospitalised, I was a single Mum with two small children at home, I wanted to make something of myself so I decided to use my skills to start my own business working from home, The Healing Shed was born from my lounge, then progressed to my cabin in the garden and now we have expanded and rebranded as Lunar Spirit Wellbeing with the large garden studio. My business has grown enormously over the last year. I had a dream, a passion and about £3 in the bank at the time but I started and never gave up!! I am eternally grateful for my holistic and spiritual practices, I owe my recovery to these methods, meditation really saved my life!

I have not had an easy ride, I have faced my own personal struggles with mental health, addiction, domestic violence, and have overcome many obstacles, so when I say I put my all into helping people I do this from my own personal experience of transformation from rock bottom to thriving business woman. After having my own spiritual awakening, I am living breathing proof that these methods work. My passion for coaching has grown enormously over the last year, with each person I see transform my love for what I do grows deeper.

 I work, teach and lead from my heart with love and compassion, I live and breathe the methods I teach and find coaching clients through their spiritual journey very rewarding. I discovered by embarking on a deep healing journey we can truly meet ourselves, learn to love, accept ourselves fully and embrace our imperfections.

One of my favourite quotes is

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe

Most recently I have started my own wellbeing podcast That Inner Voice and became an Amazon number 1 best selling author, been featured in many well known publications and taken on celebrity clients, all of which I am immensely grateful and proud of.

You can read and listen to more of my inspirational personal journey on my other platforms

I look forward to getting to know you more

Jen xx

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Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

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