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Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

The Conscious Living Coach Spiritually Aligned Coaching

This is the start of your journey to inner peace by expanding consciousness.

Are you ready to level up-mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially? 

I coach people who want to get out of their own way and take those steps to becoming the leader of their own lives.  I will take you on a journey of self discovery and transformation using a combination of Neuroscience, NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming), DBT (Dialectical behavior therapy),  spiritual practices and proven techniques I have learnt throughout the last 20yrs on my spiritual and holistic journey. I work with you on a deep level to get to the root of your problems and blockages.

I coach online globally and from my wellbeing studio in Bedfordshire. I offer both 1-1 and group coaching programmes. I will help you align with your soul, set intentional goals to consciously create a pathway to freedom and success. My bespoke packages and unique approach give you the opportunity to rapidly transform your life. By taking aligned action you will attract abundance into all areas of your life. 

I have been a fully qualified life coach for some time now and helped 1000’s of people create a life they love. Take a look at my testimonials. 

I can help...

With my coaching programmes I will guide you to break through the barriers of low self-esteem and limiting beliefs, empower you to love and accept yourself fully, expect a complete mindset overhaul and learn how to become a spiritual warrior. Take ownership of your emotions, master your mind and build resilience, but be prepared to dig deep and be accountable to get fast permanent changes.

You will go from dissatisfied, stuck and out of balance to taking your power back to live in full alignment in the present moment, living consciously with purpose. Say goodbye to fear, anxious feelings and self -doubt, welcome in a new confident you, abundance flowing in all areas of your life. I will help you create a great relationship with yourself, then watch the rest of your life fall into place.

Have you considered you could be an empath? I have noticed 90% of the people I coach are.! Being an Empath is a superpower time to unleash it..!!

I made an interesting discovery! Most of the people I work with are highly intuitive empaths!

This means they carry around lots of burdens and emotions that are not even theirs, I know sounds crazy right. 

And most are not even aware of this!

We can work together, I can support you throughout your journey from unaware to empowered empath, I can help you deepen your spiritual connection and transform your life.

The magic is already within you..!! You just need to believe!!

Book you complimentary consultation call today to begin your journey just click the button to arrange a suitable date and time.

Are you an unaware empath? Does this sound like you..? Then yes you are.!!

This is what it is like being an Empowered Empath....

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Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

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