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Bespoke coaching packages by The Conscious Living Coach

Why work with me??

My bespoke coaching packages offer a life changing opportunity to work closely with me over a 12 week period. We will work together to dig deep into what is really holding you back, find your true authentic self and set yourself free from limitations. My approach is science meets spirituality, by combining ancient philosophy, spiritual teachings and cutting edge modern neuroscience, we will be  tapping into your subconscious mind to rewire your belief systems and behaviour patterns. I use my 18yrs experience in the wellbeing industry, my many accredited qualifications along with my personal experiences to bring you the very best in coaching.  I have a huge tool box of recourses that I will pass onto you, you will  have these new skills for life.

Appointments can be done online or in person.

Choose from 3 programmes 

INNER PEACE EXPANSION – A journey towards conscious living

This is my signature bespoke coaching programme

What would it feel like to be completely at peace with yourself, your life and your relationships?

Think of all the things you could accomplish if indecision and a lack of confidence weren’t holding you back.

What new experiences would open up to you if you took your life off autopilot, and started prioritising yourself?

Think of all you could be, do and have if you broke free from unhealthy relationships and external distractions.

This is what it’s like to live consciously in the present moment – and this is well and truly possible for you.

INTRODUCING INNER PEACE EXPANSION – a journey towards conscious living.

Over 12 highly supported weeks you will journey through the barriers of low self-esteem and limiting beliefs and learn to love and accept yourself fully. You will get in touch with your soul again to find the true you!

Taking ownership of your emotions, mastering your mind and building resilience, will empower you to live fully present in the moment, in true alignment, living consciously and with purpose.

It’s time to say goodbye to fear, anxious feelings and self -doubt once and for all – and welcome in a new confident you, with abundance flowing in all areas of your life.

Now is the time to break the perpetual cycle of bad habits, weak boundaries and unfulfilling relationships

I will help you move towards this conscious living, where the pieces of your life will fall perfectly into place.

Do you want to feel inner peace and lead a balanced life?

If so, it’s time to unleash your true potential and step forward into the life of your dreams.

Investment £1111


What’s included

Pre session questionnaire

1 x 120 min Dig deep session

Mapping out your bespoke plan

7x 60 min expansion coaching sessions

2x personalised meditations

1 x manifestation visualisation

Email and text support

Pdf’s to accompany sessions

Follow up and on-going self-care plan after 12 weeks

Book your complimentary breakthrough call today to discuss payment options

The Self Freedom Programme 

Stop self-sabotage and find freedom. Take charge of your life, manage your emotions, be the best version of YOU

Do you find yourself going round in circles? Doing well then, bang! You are right back too square 1 again? Caught in a perpetual cycle of doing the same shit and expecting different results? But whatever you do you can’t seem to break the cycle?

Are you drinking to escape/cope or using sex/drugs/food/ to numb how you are feeling? Or do you feel out of control or an overwhelming compulsion to engage in reckless behaviour? Keep getting into unhealthy relationships?

There are many ways that we can self-sabotage -unresolved subconscious limited beliefs, the need for perfectionism, people pleasing or procrastination. Self-sabotage can show up as lack of discipline or lack of responsibility-playing the blame game!

When you begin to peel back the layers to get to the root cause of self-sabotage and self-limitations you will find the underlying FEARS!

Sometimes these can be buried deep in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our behaviour’s thoughts and feelings, so by tapping into this is vital for your healing and recovery.

Does this sound familiar? Do you want to get out your own way and live your desired life?

Then this is absolutely the course for you!

What will you gain? How will you grow?

You will be able to break the cycle once and for all!

Out with old behaviour patterns, outdated beliefs you have been carrying around, self-limitations will be a thing of the past, welcome in a newfound confidence, sense of adventure, you will become the leader of your life!

The key to success is emotional freedom.

You will excel in all areas of life- The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will have in your life- Let’s make it amazing!

 Investment £888

What’s included

Pre session questionnaire

1 x 2hr breakthrough session

5 x freedom coaching sessions 

E-mail and text support throughout

PDF’s to accompany sessions

Personalised meditation

2 SOS calls (for those moments you need me most)

Review and on-going care plan at the end of 12 weeks

Anxiety Release Method Coaching Programme

Is anxiety stopping you from living a happy fulfilled life?

Do you have anxiety about health, the future, social situations, driving?

Are you constantly worrying?

Do you feel trapped or stuck?

Do you have low self- esteem or confidence?

Do your emotions control you?

The anxiety release method is a 12 week coaching programme.

 A holistic approach to quickly and effectively relieve anxiety. Using a combination of life coaching, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), eastern philosophies and neuroscience based practices. This is a bullet proof programme that is in high demand.

Imagine a life where anxiety no longer has control over you.

You will learn how to manage your emotions, face your fears head on, be free from the shackles of your own thoughts, change your mindset to experience emotional freedom and a happier, healthier life.

Investment £999

What is included

Pre session questionnaire

Breathing techniques tutorial

1 x 120min Dig deep coaching session

5 x 60 min transformational coaching sessions

Email and text support throughout

2 SOS calls (for those moments you need me most)

PDF’s to accompany sessions

A personalised meditation to be listened to daily

Review and ongoing self-care plan at end of 12 weeks

Payments can be made in 1, 2, 3 instalments 


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