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Our courses and workshops for personal and spiritual development to promote positive change and shifts in consciousness. Have you thought there is more to life than surface level healing, something way bigger than the material world we live in? 

Our courses and workshops will expand your mind, connect you to parts of yourself that have been hidden underneath layers of conditioning. Allow you to release blockages and past traumas so you can create emotional freedom from anxieties, fears and live life authentically in flow with your natural rhythms. 

Unleash the creativity and magic within, step into your own power with spiritual awakening. 

Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

Learn the wonderful gift of Reiki

The Three Degrees of Reiki

Usui Sensei divided the Reiki system into three different degrees or levels of learning. Each degree is structured at the initial learning stage and then allows the student to develop within them thereafter.  Anyone can receive training in Reiki, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs. Jen has been a Reiki practitioner since 2003 and a Master Teacher since 2014.

Jen says ” Reiki completely changed my life, it is a wonderful gift to learn and develop through intuition and intention. Reiki isn’t just a treatment it is a way of life, initially taught as a self healing practice, I like to honour Usui Sensei’s  original teachings by urging my students to firstly work on themselves. I have taught many student to master level that have gone on to run their successful Reiki academy’s too.” 

First Degree – Reiki One (Shoden)

The first degree of Reiki is a gentle, yet life changing introduction to the Reiki energy for self healing and awareness. 


The first degree of Reiki is a gentle, yet life changing introduction to the Reiki energy. Usui taught his students how to self heal at this first level and Reiki One is based very much as he intended.  Students receive four ‘attunements’ by a Reiki Master, which aligns the student with the Reiki energy and enables them to channel Reiki to themselves and family and friends.  Within this first stage of learning, students are introduced to the Precepts and encouraged to live by them.  They are also shown some energy exercises which they are asked to carry out on a daily basis.  The energy centres of the body, called Chakras, are introduced and their significance in the healing process is taught at this level.  The practice of mindfulness is also taught at this stage, as this component of the teaching is so important for the student’s continued development.  The first degree is taught on a one day course,  by the end of which the student will be confidently treating themselves with Reiki and also able to treat family and friends.  Reiki One is the beginning of many positive changes for each student as they begin to heal their own lives on many levels.  Those who may wish to develop further can do so by learning the next degree of Reiki, ideally leaving a minimum 28 days between levels 1 and 2.

Second Degree – Reiki Two (Okuden)

The second degree of Reiki is considered a Practitioner level in the West. 


The second degree of Reiki is considered a Practitioner level in the West.  During this level of teaching, students received two further ‘attunements’ by a Reiki Master, which then increases their vibration to a higher level.  The energy is now directed towards further self healing and development and also the treating of other people, as a Reiki Practitioner.   A deepening of the Chakras (energy centres) is taught and students are shown how to feel the differences in energy.  This then enables them to scan a person’s body before treatment.  Reiki symbols are introduced and students are shown how to apply them, increasing their focus and intention whilst carrying out any treatments.  Students are encouraged at this level to begin using and relying more on their intuition and intention to heal.  The Reiki energy knows what it is doing and where to go, so students are taught that it’s very simple to apply the energy, when left to work on an intuitive basis.  Distance healing is also taught at this level and students are encouraged to use this form of healing to both enhance their own lives and also to benefit the planet and all those that live within it. This is a one day course.

As Reiki Two is considered a professional qualification in the West, students are also shown how to set up a Reiki practice.   This includes teaching students how to take good case histories from clients, using excellent listening skills and empathy and then how to use and store this information.  Integrity and confidentiality are very important for any Reiki practitioner and this is also taught within this section.  Other areas covered are buying any equipment needed, insurance and advertising.  Students are also taught the importance of keeping themselves well energetically as well as physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Third Degree – Reiki Three/Master (Shinpiden)

The third degree of Reiki enables the student to become a Reiki Master, over a period of time.


The third degree of Reiki enables the student to become a Reiki Master, over a period of time.  This degree is often taught in two parts, the first is where the student becomes a Reiki master and the second is where the student learns how to teach Reiki, thereby becoming a Reiki Master Teacher.  During this level students are ‘attuned’ to the Master level, which is a very powerful and beautiful attunement.  This again, raises the student’s energy vibration to an even higher level and enhances the Reiki skills previously taught.  Students are taught the Master symbols, which can then be used in the attunement process of others, if the student decides they would like to teach.  Meditation, as a practice, is positively taught at this level, along with further energy exercises.  This level is very much about deepening the understanding of the Reiki energy, being more consciously mindful, developing intuition further and consciously working with intention. This is a two day course.

To become a Reiki Master Teacher, observation of Reiki classes being taught is essential, together with a strong understanding of teaching and learning styles.

Becoming a Reiki Master is another step along the road of spiritual development.  The Reiki energy allows for continued personal growth and empowerment, which strengthens and enhances your life on a continual basis.  At this level, the energies continue to increase and learning becomes a much deeper experience.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I feel very honored to be able to pass these teachings on to students, knowing they are learning a healing system that will enhance their own life in such positive ways.

Workshops and Ceremonies

We have Spiritual Retreat days, Full and New Moon Meditations, Cacao Ceremonies and Various Workshops running throughout the year online and in person. Please click the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button below, click on ‘Courses and Workshops’ for booking info and dates. 

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Held on a New Moon, during this workshop we will tap into the magic of the Lunar energies through meditation,  visualisation and spiritual practice to amplify manifestation and align with your true desires. 

Anxiety comes in varying degrees and stems form many places. This workshop will help you understand what anxiety really is, how to mange it day to day and give you practical tools to take away. 


Conscious Connections Meditation/Healing Circle is held once a month. 

Various workshops and day retreats will be available throughout the year. 

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Held on a Full Moon, we gather around the fire (weather permitting) harness the Lunar energies through meditation to help release what no longer serves you, let go of the past and make way for new beginnings. We will share, practice forgiveness and gratitude. For many years people have gathered in circle combining the power of the elements to raise consciousness, connect to themselves and others on a deeper level. 

We meet once a month  to collectively meditate, heal and raise our vibration. We practices breathing exercises, different types of mediation, healing and spiritual development. 

Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.


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Meditate with me

Meditation saved my life! You can read about this in my blog! I highly recommend incorporating  a meditation practice as part of your daily routine. There are so many proven benefits. 

When we practice meditation, we are looking after ourselves in ways that might not at first seem obvious. The benefits of meditation are numerous and varied and supported by science. Many people start meditating to manage stress, reduce anxiety, and to cultivate peace of mind. But there are thousands of studies documenting other less-known mindfulness meditation benefits, which can have a positive impact on mental, physical, and emotional health.

Meditation helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen consumption, which results in higher energy levels and better immunity and sleep. Stress management and reduction is key for diminishing the physical symptoms of many health conditions, meditation not only can dampen the genes involved in the inflammatory response, but also promotes the genes associated with DNA stability therefore reducing the risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases.

Join our weekly meditation and healing circle online or one of our workshops.

You can also listen to meditations at your own leisure on our YouTube channel click meditate with me on the home pageMeditation 

Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

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