Holistic Treatments

Here at Lunar Spirit Wellbeing we have a  holistic approach to treatments and services. 

Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

What is holistic therapy?

Holistic therapy is described as studying, treating someone or something as a whole, widely known as alternative or complementary therapy.

Here at Lunar Sprit our holistic approach to your wellbeing is treating your mind, body and your spirit, focusing on all aspects of you rather than individual symptoms, to bring you back into balance physically and energetically.

Body Massages

I offer a wide range of body massage treatments


Working on the upper body relieving tension from the areas where it builds up the most to ease and soothe.

Holistic massage is an ancient method of healing that clears the lymphatic drainage system and releases toxins from the body. By recognising that illness and stress affects not only our physical body but our emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. Holistic massage allows the body’s natural healing abilities to come forth and balance the body as a whole. Working intuitively with universal life force energy to remove energetic blockages.

A relaxing massage with energy healing to help  ease muscle tension, reduce stress, improve circulation and aid the removal of toxins to help bring the mind and body back into balance. 

Treating the whole body, face and scalp. Gentle rhythmic massage movements are used to balance the mind and body helping with stress and fatigue, promoting deep relaxation. Using pure essential oils blended for your specific needs.

Deep-tissue massage is a specific type of massage therapy that concentrates on the deep layers of muscles, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints) in the body. By applying deep pressure using hands, forearms and elbows to deliver slow, firm strokes. Deep tissue massage is used to treat a variety of physical ailments, including chronic muscle tension, musculoskeletal issues such as strains or sports injuries, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatica to name a few.

Deep tissue massage helps to break down scar tissue that forms following injury, reduce tension and inflammation, promoting faster healing, improved range of movement and pain relief.

Holistic Treatments

I offer a wide range of holistic treatments


Our exclusive bespoke treatment, 90 or 120mins of pure luxury…!!

This is a powerful treatment that works on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. Working on the chakras (energy points/wheels of the body) and meridians (energy path lines that run through the body) to clear blockages and allow life force energy to flow freely. 

Starting with dry body brushing to exfoliate, tone, improve skin texture, followed by a combination of massage techniques using specially blended pure essential oils, reflexology and intuitive energy healing, crystal healing and finish with an aura cleanse.

This wonderful all over treatment aids detoxification, balances all systems of the body, increases circulation, promotes deep relaxation, helps to heal emotional trauma, returning you to homeostasis.

Working with the seven main energy centres within the body, channelling universal lifeforce energy into and around the body. The energy is drawn directly to the root source of any imbalance and not just manifesting symptoms. Aiding deep harmony and relaxation. This ancient Japanese form of hands on healing is a blissful way to switch off, bringing deep inner calm and stillness, connecting with ourselves on all four levels, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual. 

Suitable for all including pregnant ladies and children.

Rahanni means of one heart. Rahanni is different from other forms of healing because it works on a higher vibrational level, balancing the heart centre and helping each individual discover the true love and compassion within themselves. Rahanni supports by balancing the left and right hemispheres and the masculine and feminine aspects of our being, helping to release fears and negative energies absorbed during the course of our lives. The mind starts to find peace and the body can begin to heal itself. It can help us with communication, finding our true path and gaining the strength and vision to create the life we want. 

Rahanni can benefit all, including pregnant ladies and especially children as they are open to those higher energies. It can even benefit those diagnosed with ADHD, hyperactivity or epilepsy.

Working on the top of the arms, shoulders, neck then moving onto the scalp and face. Especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, sinus problems and headaches.

Working on the pressure points of your feet and meridians of the body. Helps to detoxify, repairs the body’s organs glands and structures. This powerful treatment assists the body’s ability to rebalance and heal, by restoring the flow of energy to the whole body.

A combination of dry body brushing and massage techniques using pure essential oils . Reduces fluid retention and relives tired aching muscles leaving your legs feeling light, firm, smooth and toned.

The AromaTouch technique by DoTerra is more than just a massage. It is a whole body and mind relaxation therapy that promotes wellness, peace and balance in the body. The use of essential oils to positively affect mental health and wellbeing is becoming more common as people realise the benefits they provide. With this in mind, DoTerra created the AromaTouch technique, which is said to be a clinical approach to introducing essential oils.

The AromaTouch technique applies essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points of the back and feet to help balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body. This technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and supports healthy nervous system function. It is not a massage, but a technique that is a relaxing method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils topically to produce a profound whole-body experience.

Benefits include:

• stress management
• immune support
• reduced inflammation
• support of your body’s autonomic balance.

AromaTouch enhances essential oils’ activity and stimulates known body meridians and energy zones while balancing body systems and function.


I offer a wide range of facial treatments


Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, express face mask and moisturise, all skin types. Ideal if you don’t have much time but still want glowing skin.

Ideal for oily or ache prone skin. Powered by salicylic acid and a unique blend of efficacious botanicals to calm and soothe the skin. Decrease the appearance of pore size and discoloration, improve hydration and skin clarity.

This deluxe anti-ageing treatment delivers instant results. A combination of a professional double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions (if needed), mask, toner, serum and protective moisturiser. Vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy acids and powerful peptides target lines and wrinkles, lifting and toning the skin, improving elasticity, restoring a natural youthful glow. The use of a micro-needle roller to improve fine lines and wrinkles.  Microneedling  is a dermaroller procedure that uses small needles to prick the skin. The purpose of treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin. Mostly used on the face and may treat various scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

This rejuvenating deeply exfoliating facial leaves your skin glowing! Double cleanse, tone, dermaplaning, use of a microneedle roller, ideal to reduce pore size and scarring, cellular renewal mask, eye treatment ,lymphatic drainage facial massage, protective moisturiser and lip treatment. Cherry blossom extract, vitamin C, birch leaf and liquorice root extract, diminish the appearance of dark spots, brightens, tightens and hydrates the skin.

Where relaxation meets results…!! Rose quartz is the crystal of love and the heart chakra.
The roller and the Gua Sha will help to remove toxins, reduce puffiness, contour and refine the face, reduce dark circles, relieve muscle tension, roll out wrinkles and expression lines, brighten complexion, stimulate collagen when passed over the acupressure points, improve circulation for a healthy youthful glow.

What’s included…double cleanse, exfoliate, tone, hydration mask, rose quartz roller and Gua sha, hyrolonic acid serum and antiaging moisturiser.
While your mask is working enjoy 15 mins of Reiki healing to balance your energy and take you to a place of total relaxation.

Also a rose quartz crystal will be placed on the heart chakra during treatment to open up and remove any blockages in the heart space, letting in pure love. !!


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