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Bespoke 1-1 coaching packages by The Conscious Living Coach

Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.

Why work with me??

Firstly I know how individual your needs are so I prefer to work 1-1 with you. Secondly this stuff can be sensitive and I like to delve deep into your psyche to really dig out what is holding you back.

My bespoke coaching packages offer a life changing opportunity to work closely with me over a 3 month period. We will work together to dig deep into what is really holding you back, find your true authentic self and set yourself free from limitations. My approach is science meets spirituality, by combining ancient philosophy, spiritual teachings and cutting edge modern neuroscience, we will be tapping into your subconscious mind to rewire your belief systems and behaviour patterns. I use my 18yrs experience in the wellbeing industry, my many accredited qualifications along with my personal experiences to bring you the very best in coaching.  I have a huge tool box of recourses that I will pass onto you, you will  have these new skills for life.

Appointments can be done online or in person.


– A journey towards conscious living

This is my signature bespoke coaching programme

What would it feel like to be completely at peace with yourself, your life and your relationships?

Think of all the things you could accomplish if indecision and a lack of confidence weren’t holding you back.

What new experiences would open up to you if you took your life off autopilot, and started prioritising yourself?

Think of all you could be, do and have if you broke free from unhealthy relationships and external distractions.

This is what it’s like to live consciously in the present moment – and this is well and truly possible for you.


INNER PEACE EXPANSION- Your journey towards conscious living.


Conscious living is taking control of your life, your thinking, your actions and reactions, instead of living on auto pilot. Creating a purposeful life you enjoy rather than settling for a mediocre life of discontent or misery. Getting real and honest with yourself and letting go of people, places, habits that do not align with your values. 

Taking ownership of your emotions, mastering your mind and building resilience, this will empower you to live fully present in the moment. 

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Coaching. Meditation. Holistic Therapy. Reiki.


The Mind-Body Connection And Our Emotions

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