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This week’s guest is Lucy Sheffield. We are going to be talking about alcohol, lockdown, the importance of creativity for expression of self and healing. Lucy is a writing coach, children’s author & abstract artist. She has published 2 books, co-written 2 books and helped others publish their work. On a day to day basis Lucy helps female professionals go from an under confident writer to a published author. Lucy has always had a passion for creativity. She expresses this through her love of writing & art. Lucy helps female professionals to find their own unique voice and share their message with the world through writing their book. Lucy says…. “Everyone has a book inside of them, it’s a case of being brave enough to draw it out and share it with the world. From the early age of 14 I always wanted to become an artist & an author. I’ve always loved creativity and have been passionate about writing since my school days. I now live my dream life, writing, and helping others through my workshops & 1:1 coaching programmes. It’s important to spend time doing what sets our heart and soul on fire.”


Lucy Sheffield

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