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Real Talk-Stand in your POWER

March 10, 2021


Jen is joined by Charlotte Hopkins, they discuss addiction, focusing on the effects of alcohol and cocaine on the brain and body, combined they create a chemical called Cocaethylene. You won’t want to miss this…. We hear many personal stories of addiction and recovery. Here we are hearing about it from the other side, someone who has worked on the frontline with addiction for over 20yrs. Charlotte says… Cocaine and alcohol is consumed by many people every day. It’s consumed with a need, an urge, a feeling of necessity yet despite the risks we are only supporting a small number of those who use these substances. Charlotte Hopkins, is a super passionate human being who has dedicated two decades of her career to helping provide people with the right support. Hours, days, weeks and years working both directly and indirectly with people living with the complexities of drug and alcohol use. Charlotte will be talking to us about how habit then addiction occurs, the effect on the body and brain and the ripple effect that cocaine addiction can have on a person’s life.


Charlotte Hopkins

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