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Real Talk- Stand in your POWER

March 24, 2021


In this episode Jen is joined by Rachel Cooper Kennedy of essentially Rachel Uk a natural lifestyle coach, essential oils guide and radio show host of the natural solutions show. Rachel says… I support many mums and their families both physically and emotionally using therapeutic grade essential oils, focusing often on sleep and anxious feelings but also helping them switch to using more natural oily infused products to reduce their and their families exposure to harmful chemicals- which can disrupt our wellbeing and hormonal health. I run DIY workshops online regularly on these topics plus natural immune boosting tips, green cleaning, green beauty, supporting sleep, calm , anxiety and hormone balance. I also provide natural elements for cancer care and a 7 week programme for women experiencing or those supporting women diagnosed with cancer, turning my expertise and experience with breast cancer into a force for good. You can find out more about my work at


Rachel Cooper Kennedy

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The Mind-Body Connection And Our Emotions

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