Anxiety Release Method Coaching Programme

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Anxiety Release Method Coaching Programme

– Release Anxiety 

Is anxiety stopping you from living a happy fulfilled life?

Do you have anxiety about health, the future, social situations, driving?

Are you constantly worrying?

Do you feel trapped or stuck?

Do you have low self- esteem or confidence?

Do your emotions control you?

The anxiety release method is a 12 week coaching programme.

 A holistic approach to quickly and effectively relieve anxiety. Using a combination of life coaching, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), eastern philosophies and neuroscience based practices. This is a bullet proof programme that is in high demand.

Imagine a life where anxiety no longer has control over you.

You will learn how to manage your emotions, face your fears head on, be free from the shackles of your own thoughts, change your mindset to experience emotional freedom and a happier, healthier life.

Investment £999

What's included

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