Bespoke coaching packages by The Conscious Living Coach


– a journey towards conscious living.

Over 12 highly supported weeks you will journey through the barriers of low self-esteem and limiting beliefs and learn to love and accept yourself fully. You will get in touch with your soul again to find the true you!

Taking ownership of your emotions, mastering your mind and building resilience, will empower you to live fully present in the moment, in true alignment, living consciously and with purpose.

It’s time to say goodbye to fear, anxious feelings and self -doubt once and for all – and welcome in a new confident you, with abundance flowing in all areas of your life.

Now is the time to break the perpetual cycle of bad habits, weak boundaries and unfulfilling relationships

I will help you move towards this conscious living, where the pieces of your life will fall perfectly into place.

Do you want to feel inner peace and lead a balanced life?

If so, it’s time to unleash your true potential and step forward into the life of your dreams.

Investment £1111

What's included

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