The 5 Element Method
for Inner Awakening

This is what you have been searching for, a transformational experience to connect to your bodies innate inner wisdom and unlock your TRUE potential. Yes it is true, you hold everything you need already inside of you, this wisdom is laying dormant waiting for you to reconnect and awaken. 

Your body holds ancestral wisdom- Your mind is the most powerful tool you have – Your Soul knows the way! 

What is The 5 Element method and how can it help you?

The 5 Element Method for Inner Awakening is founded by Jennifer McKenzie, her life’s work and experience has soulfully gone into creating a method of deep healing. The 5 Element Method is a holistic approach to healing and personal transformation offered by Lunar Spirit Wellbeing. It’s a unique framework that combines five essential elements—breath work, movement, mindset shifts, energy practices, and healing sound—to guide individuals on a comprehensive journey towards emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. 

Layered together in a way to provide deep profound inner healing from emotional blockages and trauma held in the body, cells, fascia, nervous system and subconscious mind. An inner experience through the gateway of the body into the realms of the unseen.  Embodiment of breath, movement and sound to awaken to what lies beneath the surface, expand your mind and you might find a better way to be! 

The unconscious wounds we carry from our past and generational/societal conditioning are stored in our body and can show up as addictions, anxiety, pain, stiffness, illness, lack of creativity, and disconnection. This is unconsciously holding you back form your true potential and path of purpose. 

The 5 Element Method will help you let go of the past, old stories, leaving you feeling free, energised and create space for new beginnings- it really is life changing. Experience as part of a group workshop, retreat day or a 1-1 session. 

Let's break it down...

The 5 Element Method recognises that emotional well-being is intricately connected to the mind, body, and soul. By integrating these five elements, individuals embark on a comprehensive healing journey that addresses the multifaceted nature of human experience. It’s an approach that invites individuals to tap into their inner wisdom, embrace self-empowerment, and create lasting transformation.

At Lunar Spirit Wellbeing, we guide you through each element of the method, tailoring the practices to your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking emotional healing, personal growth, or a deeper connection with yourself, the 5 Element Method offers a holistic pathway to reclaiming your inner magic and achieving emotional sobriety. 


The Mind-Body Connection And Our Emotions

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