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Jen Lunar-Spirit

Jen Lunar-Spirit

Would you like more confidence?

As qualified life coach, holistic therapist and body positivity champion, I see and talk to people on a daily basis who hate upon their own bodies, the way they look, the way they laugh, their past, the way they are perceived by others. This is why I have made this part of my life’s purpose to help people all over the world learn to like and accept themselves just the way they are! (This was also me for many years!)

I have formulated my own step by step guide I use with my coaching clients for acceptance and self-esteem. I have worked with many ladies to overcome body dysmorphia after spending years disliking myself too!

The photo above was taken for a body positivity and self love shoot I did last year and has inspired me to set up something similar for female empowerment- more about that later. 

I really get irritated by marketing like this- Get your body summer ready, bikini ready! And similar shaming sentences we see banded about all over the media.

Everyone already has a summer body, regardless of shape, size etc!! I have even heard clients apologise to me about the way they look when they come for a massage, this is saddening for me and I want to speak out and cultivate change in the way we as women treat ourselves. 

I have heard things such as “Excuse my hairy legs!” “Oh, gosh don’t judge my cellulite!” “Urghh, I couldn’t wear a bikini with my fat belly” “I can’t wear shorts with my legs” “I hate my laugh” “I’m not good enough” “I can’t”….

Many times, not feeling good about ourselves comes from fear of not being good enough comparing ourselves to other people or photo shopped images in the media. It isn’t just about physical appearance either, this goes deeper into limited beliefs and mindset.

I work very closely with people to overcome this in my coaching sessions as well as speak out on my podcast and social media platforms encouraging self-love and positive self-talk.

My top tips for body positivity, confidence, self-love, and acceptance!

  • Firstly, know that all bodies are different and that is amazing! Who wants to be a carbon copy of someone else? There are far more offensive things in the world than cellulite or stretch marks ! Are you comparing yourself to others?

  • Discover what your limited beliefs are about the way you look and feel about yourself. This will help understand where the hang ups come from and where to start with changing your beliefs about yourself and if they are even your beliefs or external judgements or conditioning you have received.

  • Language! Be mindful of how you are talking to yourself. Are you shaming yourself? Try to use positive mantra when looking in the mirror, have them written on post it notes around your home. E.g. “I am learning to like myself more each day”. “I accept myself as I am”. “I am ME and that is ok!”

  • You can draw an outline of a person, the person is yourself (don’t judge your artwork, that is irrelevant) Write all the things you like about yourself and your values. Keep reading it out loud to yourself. 
  • Confidence comes with getting out your comfort zone! Is there something you would like to wear or do but fear holds you back? Challenge yourself to do that thing, you might want to get an accountability buddy for this, so you don’t put it off.

  • If you are struggling with not liking parts of your body, change your mindset! Look from a different perspective, list all the things your body can do, be grateful for how it moves. For example; my client doesn’t like her arms- Think how many things you can do with your arms, you can hug the people you love, hold on to that feeling and your mindset will soon change.

  • Be mindful of who you follow on social media! Most images are enhanced or completely unreal, many influencers have had lots of aesthetic enhancements. Follow accounts that are inspiring rather than triggering.

  • Own your space in this world!! Be loud, be quiet, be weird, dance like no is watching, laugh, snort…whatever…. but most importantly be yourself!

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