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Lunar Spirit Wellbeing is an award winning Holistic Practice, we are passionate about helping people like you improve mental health and emotional wellbeing so you can create more joy and happiness in your life. 

Owned and run by Jennifer McKenzie- Wellbeing Consultant, Holistic Coach, Speaker, Author & Radio Presenter.  

Our mission is to help you consciously create a happier healthier life by connecting to yourself and the world around you on a deeper energetic level. A life where you feel free to be YOU and follow your own path, whatever that looks like. We offer a safe space for you to heal trauma, anxiety and release heavy stuck emotional wounds you have been carrying around for so long.


We live in a time where many of us lack CONNECTION, modern life has almost made us forget our roots, the connection we have to nature and the capacity to slow down. Therefore we have a society of people living in survival mode with high anxiety. Seeking to avoid emotions with drinking, over working or material possessions, reaching burnout and getting sick. With my help you can make the changes, break the cycle and create a better quality of life for yourself. 

Are you getting home from work reaching for that glass of wine just to unwind,  running on auto pilot not remembering how you got somewhere, trying to get through each day wishing for the weekend to hurry up and then dreading Monday morning? It’s ok- no judgement here! I’ve been there myself so I know first hand what that feels like and also how to help you make those all important shifts – small changes = big results. 

Did you know? This is why I’m so passionate about showing people change is possible, why I started running workshops and coaching- I’ve walked the walk, in 2015 my mental health was at rock bottom, full of anxiety, drinking most days, I’d been through a lot in my teens, toxic relationships, low self esteem. My head was loud with intrusive thoughts, I didn’t know how to make it stop, in the end I tried to take my own life and in the hospital I made a promise to myself to change – so I did and in 2016 I opened the doors to my business and well the rest is history! Ok, ok it wasn’t quite that simple! 

The thing is, I was lacking connection to myself, connecting with the wrong people to fit in, holding onto the past, people pleasing, exhausted and stressed- sound familiar? I was holding all my emotions in and not facing them- healing happens by feeling. Yes it’s uncomfortable but oh so worth it! 

I’m a big believer in this -you are never too old or too young to start something! Never too young to start educating around emotional wellbeing and never too old to make changes to your life or start over! What you waiting for? 

There is so much beauty already within you and all around you, many opportunities and abundance. We all have an innate inner wisdom that is conditioned out of us- we help you to reignite your inner magic, regain trust in your intuition firstly by reconnecting to yourself, then to nature and others. 

Jen will mentor and support you to peel back the layers, expand your self awareness with a journey of self discovery.  A holistic approach and the wisdom of ancient spiritual practices bring you deep healing and lasting meaningful change. 

I offer coaching, workshops, retreats and courses to businesses, schools, establishments and individuals for personal and professional development. Focusing on mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

We believe in the power of connection -community- inclusion and diversity so no-one gets left behind!

It all starts with you and your journey starts here with us! 


Helping you consciously create a happier healthier life



Book Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops for businesses, schools & establishments for mental health & emotional wellbeing.

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Courses and Workshops

Courses and workshops for  individuals to improve wellbeing, spiritual connection and self awareness. 

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Coaching Packages

1-1 & Group coaching for anxiety, self development, deep inner healing, spiritual & emotional intelligence. 


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